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We are living in a connected age; I am not referring to a technological advancement.

Now I am aware that “connected” has negative connotations but I think we’re going into this area where we’re going to find a very profound issue. The word itself is a bit of a mouthful for the moment. Let’s take a look at “connected.

Connected is a fancy word for “networked”. With the internet, and then later with Wi-Fi, everyone owns a computer. With the internet, and then later with Wi-Fi, everyone has access to all of our information. For some, it may not be that big of a deal. For others, it may be a major issue of privacy. For other people though, the concept is a bit confusing.

We are seeing some of the same concerns in the tech field. A new problem has surfaced as a result of a flaw in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser. The problem is that the flaw causes the browser to not log into sites that require a Microsoft-generated SSL certificate. The concern is that this creates an easy way for hackers and criminals to use the internet to spy on what websites they can access. This is not a major concern because most people don’t need a SSL certificate to access most sites.

However, it is still bad news for those people who rely on an SSL certificate to access their sites, especially since Microsoft has no way of fixing the problem. You can find out more about the flaw at

It’s hard not to notice that just a few paragraphs from the end of this article is a note that Microsoft has already identified a fix that will address this problem. The solution is to include in the email address when you sign up for an SSL certificate. If you are using a mail server that doesnt support this, then you are going to have to install a new SSL cert.

If you are using a mail server that supports SSL certificates, then you will be able to sign up for a new SSL certificate on your domain without making a change on your server. If you want to use something other than a mail server (or mail client) to sign up for the certificate, you can always use a webmail service (eg. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo,, etc) and then create a new SSL certificate on your website using a web browser.

The good news is that SSL certificates are usually free. The bad news is that it’s not always free. To be honest, I’d rather see the internet go without SSL, but that’s just me.

A software flaw in Microsoft’s ActiveX component that allows the malicious code on your website to grab all the cookies that your visitors are using. While the majority of the cookies are the standard login cookies with a user id and password, hackers have managed to grab some of the cookies that are not the standard ones.

It’s not all bad news. The hackers have also managed to steal a lot of information. So, a user that is using a cookie on one site to get a cookie from a different site, he can probably go on to use the same cookie to get information from the third site. And, since the cookies are not standard login cookies, it can also be used to get information from the third site. In short, it’s a huge breach of privacy.

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