Music Therapy for children with special needs: How effective is it?

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What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is best defined as a clinical process where music is used to accomplish specific goals related to helping in reducing stress, improving cognitive development, encouraging students to self Express themselves and thereby helping them lead a healthy life. It is mostly an evidence-based therapy that includes listening to music, playing instruments or even composing music.

Music therapy today is acknowledged as a form of Arts therapy that can be used to effectively help students with special needs to be provided the support helping in their physical and psychological as well as social well being. The following therapy has gained a positive recognition from educational institutions across the world so that students can be provided with physical and emotional support as well as helping in this social, cognitive and academic development.

The use of music therapy has a lot of positive results for students with special needs as using music makes it easier for them to retain memory and help in managing their everyday cognitive development. Moreover, The following method is considered to be effective in helping support the mental needs of students so that they can manage their stress and anxiety.

Impact of Music Therapy on learning disabilities

The concept of music therapy has already proven itself to be effective when it comes to helping in speech therapy, improving auditory and learning recovery, and developing language especially for students with learning difficulties. Many school and college Institutions across the world have been slowly giving access to music therapy so that they can better help students having learning difficulties.

In most cases students having special needs find it difficult to understand the complexities that are present in language and numbers. As a result it becomes difficult for them to comprehend the meaning of language and use it to their advantage. However, through the help of music therapy the students having special needs can be helped and we talked about language both sign and verbal based on which it will become easier for them to express their ideas and opinions.

Similarly, during the education process, students will not only enjoy the use of music to help in achieving their educational goals but also feel engaged and curious to learn more.

Importance of trained teachers in Music Therapy

It is important to highlight that the concept of music therapy is significantly different from the traditional teaching methods. The teachers undergoing this profession need to be proficient in both theory and practical knowledge so that they can have a better understanding of the needs and requirements of students and develop strategies accordingly.

In the last two years with online education becoming more popular, and music therapy gaining more prominence, there have been several best platform to sell courses online by entrepreneurs with the sole aim of helping teachers learn about music therapy so that they can help students in schools and colleges.

It is important to address that because of the covid-19 situation students of different ages have been faced with mental anxiety and stress that has had a negative impact on their educational attainment. It is because of this fact that several education institutions have turned towards innovative strategies to better support the students. Music therapy is considered to be one such method and is one of the reasons why several online courses platform have started stacking up courses for teachers so that they can gain knowledge on how to implement this method to better support the students.

Benefits of Music Therapy

The major benefits that are associated with music therapy has been outlined as:

  • Helping in improvement of social behaviors and making it easier for individuals to communicate
  • Helping in enhancing the level of focus and attention
  • Helping in increasing the vocalization and gestures, along with helping individuals learn more vocabulary comprehension
  • Helping in reducing stress and anxiety
  • Contributing towards helping in increasing the communication ability of individuals and encouraging them to engage with others
  • Helping in improving coordination and collaboration and managing stressful situations.


In conclusion it can be stated that music therapy has a lot of benefits when it comes to its implementation in schools and colleges so better support can be provided to the students. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that educational institutions make use of this method for better results.

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