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Using a drone is no longer a hobby and it has evolved tremendously over the past few years. More users are looking for the best drone for the money as there is a rising competition among manufacturers to deliver the most feature-laden product at an absolutely unbeatable price. There are several companies that have released superior configuration of groundbreaking drones that ever user wants to own today. In the ever saturated landscape with scaling consumer demands, it is only the best drones that will stick on giving the buyer the most appealing deals ever.

Even when you set out to explore the best low cost drone from the world of unmatched products in the line at seemingly unbeatable prices, you need to figure out what are your requirements in the first place. Are you an adventure seeker looking to capture your moves in real-time? As a videographer or cinematographer do you aim to produce the best shots to enhance your job? Would you as a social media influencer look to work upon your self-image with the highest quality capturing produce? If you said yes to any of these or to somewhat similar aspirations, then buying the best cheap drone should be your ultimate look out.

What are drones and how are they useful?

In fact, even during the writing of this article, there is a huge excitement in the eCommerce industry as leading e-shopping giant Amazon plans to incorporate delivery drones to move packages. There are more benefits to the technology than just delivering packages and in the next few years or so analysts have predicted a massive $10 billion expansion in the future of the commercial drone marketplace.

There are several other expansive sectors that are putting drones to use across agriculture, aerial construction, real estate sales, paparazzi shots, adventure sports, cop surveillance, border patrolling, transport medicine, oil rigs inspections, and medical emergencies. Drones are also the ideal tool to save the planet to obtain a bird’s eye view of wildfires, monitor wildlife, and more. The exhaustive list of advantages makes drones one of the most preferred gears of recent times.

Most unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturing companies are producing highly affordable releases with drones on shelves being offered as low as under the $100 pricing point, depending on camera mounted and no camera variants. However, whatever your need, the best drone for the money is available that comes with your required features – angular views, aerial imagery, global positioning systems, social media connectivity, sensors, navigation systems and enhanced battery performance that lets you to cover shots over a longer period of time.

Best Drones for the money:

Best cheap drones with camera

Every drone’s make is different in its construction and frame. But there are certain essential components that is a must have feature in these small aerial acrobats. This includes transmitter and receiver, waterproof motor exterior, controllers, and batteries. Here are the best camera inclusive drones that put these unmanned aircrafts to growing use all over the world. If you are looking for the best drone for the price, this list is for you.

DronesGlobe MJX Bugs 2

A camera drone with long lasting battery life and access to full HD live feed, DronesGlobe MJX app the successor of Bugs 3 lets you to capture and transfer your content from the drone’s camera to your smartphone. Using just one battery only the aerial device stays in the air for as long as 18-minutes. However, the product shipped to you does come with two batteries.

The long range Bugs 2 drone with a good coverage distance of around 1000-1500 meters and an FPV of 300-500 meters with controlled GPS is a major draw for buyers. Also, the dedicated one-key take off ensures that as a beginner you can easily use drones. In fact, this out-of-box product can be used straight for proper landing and takeoff so that you can use this easier option to operate. If the device loses signal for more than 6 seconds at any point, the controller is designed in such a way so that it automatically returns back to its take off position.

The 2017 released device comprises of some of the newest generation features such as:

  • Brushless motors let you to obtain efficiency in power with an unparalleled performance.
  • The live video feed equipped drone comes with the newest CMO sensor that is able to record high quality videos at 1080p definition.
  • Bugs 2 configured devices provide smooth footage and incredible detailing for greater performance.
  • The 1800mAh battery allows Bugs to fly for as long as 18-minutes.
  • An extra battery uplifts the performance duration of the drone.
  • With an FPV range of 500 meters and up to 1 kilometer of control range, Bugs 2 excels with uninterrupted coverage.

At a dimension of 16.1 x 3.1 x 16.1 inches and lightweight at 15.8 ounces, the Bugs 2 feature rich new age drone comes with more advantages without certain abilities as discussed below:

  • Intensely bright LEDs make pitch dark conditions visible
  • Intuitive drone controls for every orientation
  • Brilliant footage captured by altitude hold feature
  • Never lose your drone with the return to home capability
  • Smartphone mountable
  • Pricier battery package worth the money
  • Poor flight duration

Altair Aerial #AA108

Geared towards the beginners and one of the best budget drones on Amazon, Altair Aerial #AA108 makes for an enjoyable flying experience. The offering from the company has all the great features of headless mode, one button take off and landing, altitude hold and more. There is an added battery that only extends the aerial flier’s performance. The initial setup is easy as you just need to download the drone app, turn on the equipment, connect it to a Wi-Fi, and operate the product with a one touch button.

The product is ideal for both indoor and outdoor flying purpose. The average battery performance is close to 9-minutes with a full charge. By using both the fully charged batteries you can enjoy the benefits of a one button takeoff and landing for a good 15-20 minutes, which is great. The lightweight drone is right on par with other models in the similar price range.

The small CMOS enables wide angle frame capturing ability of the drone works perfectly with the FlySeeApp that can be easily connected to the phone’s Wi-Fi network.

  • Altitude hold and flight routing options
  • Excellent performance and durability
  • Smooth and responsive flight time with easier control
  • No GPS, hence no accuracy
  • Image stabilization unavailable

DROCON X708W Drone

If you love to have a blast with a gadget for beginners and that too at this amazing price tag then the DROCON Cyclone is one that will be the best when it comes to learning how to fly drones. Just shy of 10-minutes flight time, the no GPS manual gear means that you have to maneuver its performance. The device records a 720p video and can be saved to your phone using the compatible app.

Not only do you get real-time Wi-Fi broadcasts, but you can also brush up closely with your FPV experience via the nose camera. There is a headless mode to disengage the drone’s front facing orientation. Newer pilots can work on the controls as it is simple and you don’t need to worry about the nose direction at all.

Twin speed mode equipped device means that you can fly the device at a speed that suits you. Also, reduced air resistance is achieved due to the streamlined body shape to improve aerodynamics.

  • Ideal for the beginner to intermediate flier
  • Built-in 720p camera
  • Drone returns to starting point no matter what the range
  • Short of longer flight times than other beginner models
  • No GPS available

Holy Stone F181W

The small and versatile entry-level quadcopter from the Holy Stone range is great for beginners at a seemingly low price. At this pricing normally, you will not find these extras that are associated with this product. However, the device comes with advanced features that are appealing both for the starters and the experienced.

At only about 5oz, the lightweight Holy Stone F181W is so small and handy that you can get started with using it right away. The device comes under the 0.55lbs unmanned aircraft system of the FAA guide so you can easily start flying without having to undergo any registration formalities. There are two LEDs with the red in the rear and blue in front.

  • Can be assembled easily with the ready to fly model
  • Obtain double flying time from the two batteries
  • Great camera features
  • Ease of flying safely
  • Not that durable, goes off the trajectory even with the slightest wind
  • Delicate camera module
  • Wires get loose easily
  • Gets quite hot very quickly within the 10-minute flight time


The lightweight mini RC drone at just about 7.2 ounces allows a 360-degree spiral rise with a 2.4GHz frequency that ensures the user to obtain uninterrupted sessions of play. The 6-axis gyro remote control drone comes with a headless mode of 3D rollover that is great to be stationed at about 40-50 meters. The packaging list includes a 3.7V 500mAh Lithium-ion Battery, a USB charger, 4-propellers, and storage bag.

The headless controller comes with a one key takeoff and landing. The Wi-Fi functionality lets you to easily connect your smartphone to the gear. 720p quality videos can be shot.

For a full battery charge of about 45-minutes, users can obtain a flying time of 8-15 minutes.

  • Ideal for night flight
  • Detailed controller distance of 40-50m
  • Wi-fi remote controller (not included in packaging)
  • Crash proof – ideal for beginners
  • Great customer service
  • Well-designed analog sticks
  • More lightweight drones available at the price
  • Crash proof – ideal for beginners
  • Great customer service
  • Well-designed analog sticks

Affordable Drones without a Camera

Traxxas LaTrax Alias Quad-Rotor Helicopter

LaTrax-Alias is the cheapest quadcopter from Traxxas that comes with a 650 mAh battery, hex wrench, and a USB charger, along with radio batteries. The gear is a ready-to-fly and if the absence of camera in the helicopter does not bother you then the Alias is probably the best of the variant that you can purchase at the pricing.

At just 3.53oz, the lightweight drone’s outstanding features are a major draw. In fact, there are few things that place the helicopter apart from others in the similar price range. It is able to withstand even the most jerky flights and tough winds and is virtually non-destructible. This is the primary reason why most beginners would rather choose this affordable product for its awesome features and performance.

In fact, the Alias has been specifically designed for the inexperienced pilots and comes with a lifetime warranty. So, you can simply keep flying the gear without the need to worry about crashing it now and then. The Alias lets you practice autopilot driving so that once you have ample experience you can as well switch to a relatively advanced model. For now, you can easily purchase the optional activities that are available for purchase.

The drone’s features are completely unique with one of them being the auto-levelling 6-axis flight system so that you can control the LaTrax when flying up in the air. There are three flight modes – easy, fast, and expert. Get access to complete auto-leveling, 6-axis gyro, and limited pitch angles. With the auto-leveling property you can unlock all major features of the drone. Also, the availability of flight angles and one-button stunts allows you to actively perform more complicated moves.

  • Fast and easy setup, ready-to-use package
  • Lightweight and powerful motor
  • Survives beginner crashes with superior durability
  • Available in three colors – black-green-red, orange-black, black-white
  • Includes spare parts with USB charger and instruction manual
  • Known for the good customer service of the product line
  • Slow easy mode
  • Expert mode difficult to control
  • Sizing is bigger than similar models

Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini

The versatile Predator Mini is a rather impressive start for those who are looking to fly drones. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, the product comes in a shockproof design so that regardless of the environment you use – it performs fabulously. There are four high-powered engines, gyro stabilization (six-axis) and propellers that keep the drone flying higher up in the air for a longer duration.

The drone’s headless mode directs it towards the controller and not in the flying direction, thus making it really easy for beginners to try their hand at it. The 2.4GHz remote is easy to use and come with a superior digital proportional radio control system. More impressive feature of the powerful and cheap drone for the money is its stunning design with a target to cater to both newbies and advanced pilots having the desire to perform some tricky actions are a greater speed.

The transmitter system of the drone appears more like a toy video game controller with decent ergonomics. Using the system is easy so despite any marking on the buttons, you will be able to maneuver it without much issue. The small and light weight nano drone has a removable battery for ease of use. A wire connects the battery to the drone. With just about 30-minutes of charging, you will obtain an eight minute flying time.

The user manual guide provides some insight into the class of drone and the six AA batteries required to operate the unit. Connect the power cable and move the throttle stick up-down. There are three adjustability settings that determine the mode in which the device would perform. It may take a little time to get used to this controller, but once you do you’ll be able to fly the drone easily.

  • Good for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Great control response time
  • Geared towards the beginners
  • FAA registration not required
  • Is highly active and gives you enhanced performance
  • Shockproof and windproof
  • Extra batteries help in extending the flying time
  • Time taken to recharge is longer

Budget Racing Drones


DROCON Bugs 3 is a great cheap drone perfect for the relatively new pilots with a hobby to fly a racing drone. When it comes to performance at a cheap price, there are very few products that match up to the drone’s price tag. At a top speed of 50 km/hour, the product does keep you entertained for quite some time. The drone’s design is sturdy with an upper matt finished look in red and black that is highly appealing.

There are two bright front LED lights that looks quite powerful. In fact, the lights are so bright that you will be able to spot the drone from a distance. The backlights in red are also highly powerful, which brightens up the drone’s trajectory even in the night. The main cable connects the drone to the battery, which also happens to be the source of the power for the device.

The sturdy frame of the gadget withstands even the most powerful crashes, which is good news for the beginners. The brushless quadcopter is very agile and quick when higher up in the air. The pilot can fly the drone in three modes. If you’re trying out the quadcopter as a hobby for flying you’ll probably make it crash at the very first instance. Those who’re not very experienced with controlling quadcopters should activate the highest performing mode only when you’re perfectly sure you can handle the beast.

The “bug” appearance of the DROCON Bugs 3 really lives up to the standards of its predecessor Bugs 2. The racing quadcopter comes with a powerful battery that performs exceedingly well while maximizing performance with speed and acceleration. The nylon fiber material of the drone is durable with added propeller guards makes the flight sessions comfortable.

The best thing about the Bugs 6 is its propulsion that allows it to move profusely even in windy conditions. The air supports its flight higher up the sky as you control the device using the transmitter. Notice how easy it is to fly the drone. For a more challenging flight experience, you can move to the more advanced features of the gadget once you’re familiar with how to use it.

Users have the option to add on a camera to the built that doesn’t quite come with this feature. Also, get a 5.8 GHz transmission of the 500mW power that is a killer in this price range. The decent image quality lets you capture videos at 720p. The two hyper bright front lights do not emit bright light though. At this price range, this product surely surpasses in terms of speed, performance, agility and more.

The altitude hold feature in the Bugs 3 is an amazing benefit for racers. Also, the flip/rollover button on the gadget makes it a truly racing case. Push the flip button and maneuver it in all direction using the control stick. The model comes in both camera and non-camera variant. The pre-installed camera in the device captures photos and videos in 720p resolution.

  • Extra-screen mountable on top of remote
  • Get up to 11-minutes of flying time
  • Crash resistant
  • Altitude hold may not work always

Walkera Rodeo 150

The racing drone that redefines performance, Walkera Rodeo allows the user to hone their quadcopter flying skills in both indoor and outdoor environments. The drone is equipped with a 5.86GHz video recording and HD camera that enables you to capture great moments whenever flying the product up in the air. It predominantly captures videos in a close range.

The design of the product is made from hard plastic in nylon material that makes it more lightweight. There is an enclosed modular design with stable modules and on-board circuit. There is no interference of signals and occurrence of crashes. The brushless ESCs and motors are also a major draw.

The battery powered drone has a maximum flight time of about 8-minutes. The replacement batteries included in the package lets you to just use the spare one in the mean if the battery gets drained out. For its size, the battery is still less powerful compared to the other larger drones. But, the product may not be windproof.

The CleanFlight firmware allows you to have complete control of the drone size by allowing you to adjust all parameters using the high performance flight controller. The 8AA battery-powered DEVO 7 transmitter allows you to explore the amazing maneuver control of the FPV drone.

  • Marvels as a product for the beginners
  • 3D manipulation and stabilization
  • Long distance transmission range
  • More additional accessories required to enhance performance
  • Can get pricier if add-ons are included

Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee

The Bolt Bee gets its name from the bee colored color scheme with two blue eyes that makes the look seem rather intimidating. The quadcopter has a unique design; especially its wings are in a shape much different than other drones in the market. The Bolt Bee uses aerodynamics to increase its speed. The lightweight product improves its effectiveness.

The battery is inserted in a slider-like partition that remains intact even when flying at higher distances against the most turbulent weather conditions. You will be amazed to see how quickly the batter can be unmounted again for charging. The best drone for the money available under the racing quadcopter range model can be directly charged and the power button is underneath the frame. To start the engines, you have to push the power button on and then hold it for few seconds until the light switches off.

The drone is packed with some serious speed that will simply give you that excitement at an affordable price. Adding and removing the propeller doesn’t quite have an impact on the speed. The 6-axis gyro stabilization system ensures that the little beast can perform those flip tricks easily. Records a decent 7-minutes flying time.

  • Simple and easy-to-use transmitter
  • Fast and has great maneuverability
  • Headless mode and altitude mode available
  • Unmatched top-notch speed
  • Large size transmitter looks bulky
  • Lower flying time than other similar drones


These are the cream of the quadcopters that give your value for the money. It is the built quality and the control features that score above many other flimsy drones that are highly priced, but don’t provide that incredible performance of a higher range variant. These not only live up to the manufacturer’s claims, but features in this list because of how stable the aircrafts are how responsive are the controls that are used to fly them.

We have also considered how far each of the drones has been able to wander before they return back to their starting point. By flying each of these drones in demanding conditions we found out that these are windproof and waterproof. Hard flights put to test how long a battery actually lasts. This also includes the recording capability of camera supportive drones, each of which did extremely well when shot in dark and light places as well as places with a lot of contrasting color.

The footage is compared with other drones to enable us to understand its’s camera strengths and the areas that it actually falls out. Finally, we checked to see that these products could be upgraded with add-on accessories so you won’t be stuck with an under performing or outdated model two years after when buying the best affordable drone from our list.